Full cross.

   Let's start simple. I think it's not necessary to explain. The usual cross. Usually sewn in 2 threads, but if the canvas ct.14 or larger, then 2 threads can be not enough. To canvas not shone, it is possible to increase the number of threads (if you have blended color, then sewing a 3 thread will not work).



   Here are the denote options:

  • If the legend has a table "Half cross" means the chart has that designation:

    In this case, the direction of the half-cross indicated in the table for each color separately. If there is no these instructions, then the direction is immaterial.
  • If the legend has not table "half-cross", means in the chart to indicate a half-cross uses the same symbols as for the full cross. It will looks like this:

    This may be necessary if the directions of half-cross of the same color is different.

   It is important not to confuse this designation with the designation of Petit-points. Remember, Petit-points used only to increase clarity on important details, and never used in large quantities.

   Double half-cross.

   The lower stitch of the cross is made in one color and upper in another. It is important not to confuse the upper and lower shades. Direction of the upper and lower stitch indicated in the section "half-cross" in the Legend. The symbols in the chart located in the direction of half-cross.

   Do not confuse double half-cross with petit-points.


  All the lines of the backstitch in the chart of the same thickness. The number of threads indicated in the legend.

   French knot.

  The size of the knot in Your choice if in the legend is not specified.

   3/4 cross.

   Looks like everything is clear drawn. :-)

   3/4+3/4 cross.

   Marking the same, but the stitching can be different:
  If is made the boundary between the main object and the background, then you can sew a 3/4+1/4. Here it is:

  If you sew inside the main object, then your thread should be like this:




  A small quarter of the usual cross. In one cage is placed 4 petits.

   On a small canvas petite you can sew 1/4 stitches without losing "quality":

   Petits apply only on important details (eyes, fingers sometimes etc.) so try not to skive in their embroidering. Usually in the chart if there is petits, they are not many, but their replacement by full crosses, the artistic value of the finished embroidery is markedly reduced. Two of the adjacent petits of one color can be replaced by one half height (width) cross.

   Half height and width cross.

  Two long crosses in one cell: